At Open Options, we want to support you and your loved ones!


Check out Community Living for a spectrum of residential options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Wanting to find Disability Awareness & Education Programs for children? We have two great options that are free to the community.


Needing information about a disability, available resources and services, sibling and or parent support, respite, or just someone who “gets it”? Check out Family Support.


Wanting help navigating through the education system, managing healthcare services, and/or getting the services you or a loved one needs? Look at Kansas Case Management and see how we can help people living in Johnson and Wyandotte counties.


Know someone elderly who could use some assistance?  Consider SeniorLink.


Fitness is important for overall health & wellness. Check out our Sports & Recreation Program for year-round competitive adapted sports training for athletes with disabilities.

Did you know…

Open Options helps people with disabilities, both with and without cerebral palsy?


Girl with cerebral palsy on swing